Milestones Minutes May 2022

As stated in our April newsletter we were preparing for and awaiting our Star Rating Assessment. On Wednesday, April 20th our assessment was completed. We are so excited to share with you that all three rooms (Sharks, Guppies, Jellyfish) that were randomly chosen received very high scores with an average of 6.22. This means we will maintain our 5 Star status on our Child Care License with the State. Our teachers in the chosen classrooms will be receiving a special bonus and a well-deserved paid day off. Both our Infant rooms (Guppies and Jellyfish) were randomly chosen for inspection and they both received a very high score in infant rooms that are notoriously hard to get high scores in. We are so very proud of our Milestones team so please help us in congratulating them on a job well done.


Just a reminder that Teacher Appreciation Week is May 2nd through May 6th. We will be celebrating our wonderful staff by providing lunch for them on Friday, May 6th and they will each be receiving a bonus with their paycheck. We appreciate their hard work and dedication in providing a fun, nurturing and engaging environment in their classroom. Please help us in celebrating them throughout the week!


Summer moves are quickly approaching and our transition week will be June 13th. We have been working on our roles for June and incorporating our Intent Letter requests. Our move letters will be handed out by mid-May if your child will be changing status or moving to a new classroom. This year our June transition will be smaller as almost all of our Rising Kinders will be staying for our Summer Program! This means our August transition will be much larger with all of our Rising Kinders leaving at that time. If you have any questions, please feel free to stop by the front desk and speak with Ms. Stacey or Ms. Ann.


Parent Reminders

We have been contacted by local residents of Oriole Drive as they are concerned about drivers exceeding the speed limit and causing an unsafe environment. We wanted to remind our parents that the speed limit on Oriole Drive is 25 as it is also a school zone for College Park Elementary. This slow speed should also extend into our parking lot as young children, parents and teachers are walking in this area and can be difficult to see from all angles. We appreciate your support as we want to assist in providing a safe environment for our local residents as well as our Milestones community.

It is that time of year for Sunscreen and/or Bug Spray! Please apply these to your child before dropping them off in the morning and then we will apply them after nap before they go outside in the afternoon. It is imperative that these items are signed in when you drop them off as the State requires us to have paperwork matching each item we are storing in the locked cabinet. Please do not leave these items in bookbags as this would be a State violation without them being locked up. We are continuing our treatment of the property every other week with Mosquito Squad to help reduce the chances of the children being bitten.

As a reminder all students must be dropped off no later than 10 a.m. This allows them to come into the classroom before academic learning begins and prepare themselves to start their day with a smooth transition.

Pleases remember that pickup time is 5:30. We have had quite a few late pickups recently so please keep in mind that our staff also have families and after work obligations that they must attend to. You will be charged a dollar a minute for the amount of time you are past 5:30 p.m.

We are still requiring staff, parents and children to wash hands at our outdoor handwashing station before entering the center to help reduce the spread of germs. This rule applies at drop off and pick up.

Please make sure to check your email that is connected with Milestones and the Procare Engage App frequently as these are the ways we communicate with parents on a regular basis.

Upcomimg Events

Monday, May 30th – Closed for Memorial Day

Thursday, June 2nd – Pre-K Graduation Ceremony (more info to follow)


Curriculum Corner

April showers bring May flowers so of course we will start the month learning about flowers! We will explore the parts of a flower, how they grow and view the many varieties our world has to offer. We will expand this knowledge later in the month with gardening and seeds. What happens when you plant a seed? What does a seed need to grow? What can you grow from a seed? Keep an eye out for our classroom graphs showing their favorite flowers or their favorite seeds!


We will be celebrating Moms and the many ways they care for us. We will view mothers and babies in the animal world and discuss how they take care of their young. The children will also share how their Moms take care of them every day. Of course the children will be working on a special surprise for their Mom.


Our caterpillars will be arriving and we will watch them transform into butterflies over the next few weeks. The classes will observe their metamorphosis and look at each stage of their life cycle. We will learn about the different types of caterpillars and butterflies and make our own in art. Our book of choice is “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle which takes us through the life of a caterpillar and his remarkable transformation. When our caterpillars form their cocoons, they will be transferred to a netted habitat for us to see the butterflies emerge. We will feed them orange slices and sugar water so we can view them using their long tongues just like they would sip nectar from a flower. Each classroom will release their butterflies on their playground. This is a wonderful learning experience for all the children and always a big hit every year! This is also a great time for us to talk about pollinators and their role in helping our flowers and gardens grow.


Our classes will finish the month learning about bugs and worms. What types of bugs are there? Where do they live? What do they eat? What are the parts of a bug? We will even graph our favorite bug! We will look at worms and the dirt they love to live in! Do we have them in our garden? How do they help our garden? What do they like to eat? The children love digging in the dirt trying to spot a worm!

We love Spring at Milestones!