Milestones Minutes February 2022

Curriculum Corner

We are going to have a Fabulous Fun February at Milestones! We are going to start the month with the Milestones Winter Olympics! Our opening ceremonies will be on Wednesday, February 2nd with all staff and children wearing their red, white and blue for our USA Milestones teams! We will have an outdoor patriotic parade and all children will add their piece of orange or yellow paper to light our Milestones Olympic torch! Starting Thursday, February 3rd through Thursday, February 10th we will have an Olympic Event each day that the children will participate in during their outdoor time. Check out our bulletin board out front each day to see what event will be taking place. Our closing ceremonies will be on Friday, February 11th with all staff and children wearing red, white and blue again for USA team spirit! We will have our medal presentations and another patriotic parade. We are excited about our upcoming Olympic celebration and hope our families will cheer on their Olympic champions!

Will the Groundhog see his shadow? Our classes will graph their predictions and learn whether we will have six more weeks of winter or if Spring will come. We are hoping for Spring!

February is also the month of love, kindness and Valentine’s Day! There will be hearts galore with lots of red and pink as the children celebrate with their class. Each classroom will decide how they will be celebrating and will post a sign-up sheet of items they may need for the party. While making Valentine boxes and discussing delivering our Valentine’s it is a great time to learn about the post office, mailboxes and how the mailman gets the mail to our house.

We feel like everyone could use a little love and kindness right now so we will be bringing back our “Love Notes” wall in the lobby again. We will have heart shaped post-it notes on the front lobby counter with pens for anyone to stop by and write a note of love or kindness to post on the wall. We encourage everyone to take a moment and add some love to the wall!

It is also Dental Health month so we will learn about our teeth, how to care for them and the foods we should eat to keep them healthy. Speaking of teeth, we will also learn about dentists and other community helpers who provide services to people who need care in our town. 

We will end the month looking at Pets and Vets and the children will get an opportunity to share pictures of the pets they have at home. They might even turn their Dramatic Play centers into a Veterinarian Office and take care of their classroom pets.

Parent Reminders

We are requiring parents, staff and children two years old and up, to wear masks while inside the building. Please wash your hands before entering the center at pick up and drop off.  This assists us in reducing the spread of illness as we move through the cold and flu season. 

Please make sure to check your email that is connected with Milestones frequently as this is the way we communicate with parents on a regular basis. It is especially important to check on Sunday evenings to verify if your child’s classroom has been asked to quarantine due to a positive Covid result from the weekend. We usually send a Procare message to everyone asking them to check their email when we do send out a school-wide or classroom update. We are checking our emails throughout the weekend in order to keep our families updated.

Our website is the best place to go for monthly newsletters, upcoming events and closings. Check out our website Home Page and on the right hand side Upcoming Events. We are performing a test to see how many parents read our monthly newsletters. If you have read this entire newsletter, please stop by the front desk and say “Be Kind” for a special treat!

Upcoming Events and Closings

February 2nd – Groundhog’s Day – Will he see his shadow? We Want Spring!

February 2nd – February 11th Milestones Winter Olympics

February 2nd – Everyone wears Red, White and Blue for Opening Ceremony Patriotic Parade

February 11th – Everyone wears Red, White and Blue for Closing Ceremony Patriotic Parade

February 14th – Valentine’s Day – Don’t Forget to Add a Love Note to the Wall This Month