Milestones Minutes December 2021

Curriculum Corner

The holiday season is here and we love to celebrate at Milestones! Throughout the month of December we learn about holiday celebrations and traditions from around the world. We will explore Hannukah and learn about the lighting of the Menorah and how to play the Dreidel game. We will visit Scandinavia and Italy to learn about Santa Lucia and their beautiful candlelight celebrations. Our next stop will be Mexico and of course we will sing “Feliz Navidad!” We will explore Kwanzaa and learn about the lighting of the Kinara and the Karamu feast. We will “wrap up” our celebrations with Christmas and jolly St. Nick! The children will also be able to share their own families holiday traditions.

We will visit the North Pole and spend some time with Santa and his reindeer. Keep your eyes out because our Milestones elves will be delivering the Milestones Christmas tree for all of our classes to decorate. Each child will have an ornament on the tree that they have made and will get to take home right before the holidays. Our little elves at Milestones enjoy coming to the lobby and adding their special ornament to the tree. We will explore the different types of trees that are grown as Christmas trees and why we decorate them for the holiday.

Our classes will explore the sights, sounds and smells of the holidays! From cookies, candy canes and gingerbread boys and girls to shaking our jingle bells all the way through the chorus the children will be immersed in a fun, festive and interactive holiday experience this December.

As December draws to a close we will take a look back at the past year and reflect on all the good times we have had here at Milestones. The children will have the opportunity to share some of their favorite memories and fun activities at school. We will explore New Year’s and the starting of a new year while our older children can discuss resolutions and make their own for 2022.

Parent Reminders

We are still requiring parents, staff and five year olds and up, to wear masks while inside the building. Please wash your hands before entering the center at pick up and drop off.  This assists us in reducing the spread of illness as we move through the cold and flu season. 

Please make sure to check your email that is connected with Milestones frequently as this is the way we communicate with parents on a regular basis. We usually send a Procare message to everyone asking them to check their email when we do send out a school-wide update.

Our website is the best place to go for monthly newsletters, upcoming events and closings. Check out our website Home Page and on the right hand side Upcoming Events.

We wanted to take a moment to quickly review sickness policies. If your child has symptoms of illness such as fever, diarrhea or nausea they may not return to school until they are symptom free without medication for 24 hours. This is a State requirement and has been put in place to reduce the spread of illness throughout the school. When sending in an over the counter medication for us to administer please make sure the label states that a child this age can receive the medication. If the label states children under 6 should consult a doctor, we will not be able to administer this medication. All medications, lotions, creams, and chapstick must be signed in for us to administer and keep on site per our State guidelines. We do ask that you limit the amount of medicine to one dose at school because we feel that if your child requires more than that to make it through the day then they are probably not feeling well enough to participate in school activities.

Upcoming Events and Closings

Closed Thursday, December 23rd, Friday, December 24th and Monday, December 27th for Christmas holiday

Closed Friday, December 31st for New Year’s Day holiday.