Milestones Minutes October 2021

Curriculum Corner 

The season of Fall is beginning and the leaves on the trees will be changing. Our classrooms will be science observers and explore the changing colors of the leaves. Why does this happen and how does our outdoor environment change. Fall weather brings different temperatures so how should we dress to play outside and why? What colors do you think of when you hear the word Fall?

Hurry, hurry drive the fire truck because October is fire safety month so we will practice our Stop, Drop and Roll and calling 911. This is a great time to talk about smoke alarms and fire escape plans with your children so your family is prepared if the smoke alarms go off at home. We practice fire drills at school every month so the children are familiar with the sound the alarm makes and the steps they need to take when it goes off. Practicing at home would also help them be prepared and feel safe in knowing where they need to go when the alarm sounds. We will also learn about firefighters and the equipment they use to fight fires and keep the people in our community safe.

The end of the month brings Halloween fun and pumpkins, bats and spiders! We will explore the inside of a pumpkin, scoop out the gooey seeds, and decorate for the classroom to enjoy! We will roast the pumpkin seeds and see how many of our friends like them. We will investigate spiders and bats! Where do they live? What do they eat? How are they good for our environment? What can we do to respect and protect them? Of course October would not be complete without celebrating Halloween with our friends in our classrooms. Each classroom will let their parents know how they will be celebrating and providing sign-up sheets for items they may need.

We are also going to add a fun twist to our outdoor environments this October. Since we are not able to have our Annual Fall Festival due to Covid, we will be adding our fun carnival games on the playgrounds for all the children to use during outdoor play. Let the Fall Fun begin!

Nature Nook

Ms. Aimee has moved to a full time teaching position in our Stingrays classroom but will still be working with our older classes on a part time basis in the garden. With the changing of the season we will observe the changes to the garden and the types of plants that we can grow in the Fall. We will be planting Kale, Ornamental Cabbages, Garlic and Asters. Of course we will investigate pumpkins! How do they grow? What is on the inside? Can we plant the seeds? We may even explore the garden and go on a Fall Scavenger Hunt!

Parent Reminders

Please remember to wash your hands before entering the center as it cuts down on the transfer of germs into the building. We are working very hard to limit outside exposure to keep everyone healthy.

We will be keeping the front door of the school closed at all times now so you must know your code for the key pad in order to enter the center. Remember it is four digits and then the star. Please stop by the front desk if you need a reminder.

Please remember to bring your child’s water bottle as it is very helpful in assisting us with keeping the children hydrated. In the event you forget your child’s water bottle please make sure your teachers are aware so they can provide your child with a cup for water for the day.

We will stop applying sunscreen and bug spray on Friday, October 1st. We will be sending them home the week of October 4th so please make sure to pick up your child’s sunscreen and bug spray.

Please make sure to have seasonally appropriate changes of clothes in your child’s cubby in the event that they have an accident or become heavily soiled from spilled food or outdoor play. If your child is potty-training it is imperative that you send multiple changes of clothing for us to have on hand to promote a successful potty-training experience for your child. On that note, we are in need of extra pants and underwear for our classrooms to have on hand in the event that a child runs out. We are NOT in need of shirts at this time. If your child has outgrown some of these items we would greatly appreciate your donations.

Upcoming Events & Closings

Halloween Celebrations may be occurring in your classroom so keep an eye out for a message from your teachers with a sign up for food and goodies.

Closed Thursday, November 25th and Friday, November 26th for Thanksgiving holiday.

Closed Thursday, December 23rd, Friday, December 24th and Monday, December 27th for Christmas holiday

Closed Friday, December 31st for New Year’s Day holiday.