Milestones Minutes August 2021

Curriculum Corner

5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Blast Off! We are going to be “Out of this World!” for the month of August! Our astronauts will fly their rockets to outer space and learn about the planets that make up our solar system and how they are different from each other. Which planets can we live on and would we like to visit them? What is gravity and why do astronauts float in space? We might just have to practice our moonwalk so we can be prepared when we land on the moon! We will look at the moon and sun and how they give us night and day! Are you nocturnal? If so, what animal friends will be keeping you company if you are up all night? The starry night sky is full of many constellations and we will make our own using flashlights to project them on the ceiling! We are looking forward to our Outer Space fun but please keep an eye out for aliens as they may land at Milestones this month!

Nature Nook

Hello and welcome back to Nature Nook!

This month we are looking upwards for our learning opportunities and exploring the galaxy! We’re going to learn about astronauts and rockets, practice our moonwalking with fun games, make our own aliens with open-ended art, and take a look at different nebulas to create our own unique bookmarks!

As we get into the month of August it will stay hot and only get hotter. We want to remind all parents that every class is going out anywhere from 2-5 times a week into the garden. We encourage their free play and discovery in our outdoor environments, including the garden, so please understand your children will get wet and they absolutely will get dirty. That means that extra clothes and communicating with your classroom teachers is EXTRA important! We understand sometimes there are places to get to in the evenings, so if your child may need to be changed before pickup please try to communicate that during morning drop-off. We want all the children to have fun and enjoy their water and mud play, but we also understand that you may need them dry or clean at pick up. These messier activities are not restricted to a specific day and they can happen at any time so we really appreciate your understanding and keeping that communication open with all of us at Milestones.

This month we are also seeing some of our hard work pay off with carrots, cucumbers and melons ripening in the garden! These items may not show up on the menu as we can’t predict when they will be ripe, but the children are absolutely getting to eat the fruits of their labor. Those of you in our Facebook group should keep an eye out as you will certainly get to see photos of this food tasting fun.

Thank you all for making our garden space a fun experience for all the students at Milestones.

Parent Reminders

We wanted to make you aware that will be keeping the front door of the school closed starting the beginning of August. Please make sure that if you do not have a code for the key pad that you stop by the front desk and speak to Ms. Ann or Ms. Stacey. We may not be at the front desk to let you in so please make sure that you know your code to gain entry into the building.

Please make sure that your child has multiple changes of clothes in their cubby as they might get dirty or wet when playing in the garden or when their classroom decides to have water play. This could occur at any time so please be sure to replenish their extra clothes on a regular basis. We are still providing an abundance of outdoor play to continue on our path to reduce the spread of illness.

August is one of our hottest months so please make sure to bring your child’s water bottle every day as keeping hydrated is so important!

We are still following Covid-19 State guidelines and everyone is required to wear masks indoors as well as anyone entering the building. When we receive an updated Child Care Toolkit from the State we will pass any new information along to you.

Building renovations will begin again in mid to late August when materials arrive. We will be installing new windows, ceiling fans, awnings and other upgrades. Please excuse our mess as we continue to improve and make upgrades to the school.

Our parking lot needs to be a safe zone for our children and parents. The driveway is a one way half circle! Please do not back up in the wrong direction to leave the one way half circle. Back out of your space and then pull forward moving through the half circle to gain access to the paved road. This keeps the flow of traffic moving in the same direction and allows parents walking in the parking lot with their children to know the flow of traffic. We appreciate your support in making our parking lot a safe environment for our families!

Upcoming Events & Closings

Our Fall transition date will be August 23rd. You will be receiving a move letter later this month if your child will be transitioning to a new classroom for Fall.

We will be closed Monday, September 6th for the Labor Day holiday! We hope all of our families have a safe and fun holiday weekend!