Milestones Minutes July 2021

Curriculum Corner

In July we are going to be “Sailing the Ocean Blue.” Our classrooms will be turning into an immersive underwater environment learning about the levels of the ocean and the animals that live there. We will learn about water, boats and how they float and conduct a “sink or float” experiment and graph our results.  With our close proximity to the beach we will of course investigate the beach and the sand, seashells and animals that make up this wonderful playscape. Aaaarrghhh Matey! Beware as pirates may dock at the Milestones port and bring their mermaid friends to visit and play! We are excited to sail away so take a moment to escape with us and check out your child’s classroom in July to see what they are learning.

Nature Nook

Hello and welcome to Nature Nook!

This is a space for everyone connected to Milestones to be able to keep up with what is happening in our wonderful garden, Mariposa. This month, in July for our outdoor classrooms we are taking a look at some of my favorite topics involving the Ocean!

We are going to be doing lots of wonderful activities involving seashell and ocean plant identification, how we can take care of our beaches and oceans, fun experiments with rainwater, learning about Oyster reefs and how they help us, as well as where mermaids legends came from. And we will even explore some of our own unique coastal history about pirates and how our shifting coastal landscapes and erosion have caused some of the most famous pirates in history to wreck along our shores! We will be making DIY pirate flags and treasure maps, exploring underwater ecosystems through books and sensory play in the mud, and tons more fun, educational activities.

In order for all of this to happen though, we need your help! We ask that you send your children daily in clothing that can get dirty (we allow mud play!) and is comfortable, make sure they have bug spray and sunscreen on prior to walking in the door in the morning, and are wearing close-toed shoes! This is very important, as I know many children love flip flops and sandals, I certainly did! However, we are seeing an up-tick in these items again and it has been causing injuries across multiple classrooms once again. Thank you for supporting our nature program and we look forward to a fun July!

Parent Reminders

We wanted to make you aware that we will be making repairs and improvements to the building throughout the month of July. Some of this will include structural changes to improve ventilation as well as remodeling and rearranging classrooms. Please excuse the mess as we work towards providing a safe, interactive, engaging and of course fun environment for our children and families!

Please make sure you have your mask available to use when dropping off and picking up as you will still need to wear it when entering the building. Our guidelines have still not changed for this as the children are not vaccinated and still need to be protected from illness. We appreciate your support as this has allowed Ms. Stacey and Ms. Ann the ability to work on administrative tasks for more hours during the day.

As a reminder our parking lot is a busy space and it is imperative that you drive through the lot slowly and with caution as little ones and their parents are walking back and forth. Please pull into a parking space and NOT in front of the flower beds in front of the school. This area is considered our fire zone and should be left vacant and available for emergency vehicles if the need arises. Also please DO NOT park in the middle of the half circle driveway as this blocks the flow of traffic and causes a back up of vehicles entering the parking area. Park in a designated parking space and then drop off or pick up your child. We appreciate you following these guidelines to keep all members of our Milestones family safe.

Upcoming Events

Water Play has returned! We ordered new sprinklers for water play fun so our classrooms will be using them to cool down on these hot summer days! We have decided not to  have the children wear their bathing suits so please make sure your child has plenty of extra clothes in their cubby so they can change outfits when their class plays in the sprinkler. We will rotate between Thursdays and Fridays and some classes may choose to do this more often! Keep an eye out in our Mariposa Garden as a flower shower may appear from time to time!

Milestones Annual Art Show will be Thursday, July 22nd and Friday, July 23rd. Children’s artwork will be on display for viewing both of these afternoons from 3:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. You can view the displayed artwork at pick up time which makes for a laid back viewing experience. Have no fear if you do not have a moment to check out the artwork on those two days it will be on display for viewing until the beginning of August. More information to follow as we get closer to the event. We look forward to sharing the children’s masterpieces with you!