We will be visiting College Park Elementary School on Thursday, February 27th, 2020. This visit will allow our graduates to get an up close and personal tour of an elementary school environment and Kindergarten classrooms. We want them to be excited about “Big School” and prepare them for what to expect when they make this transition. We will be leaving our center about 9:15/9:30 and walking over to College Park Elementary through the teacher parking lot area. We would love to have a couple parents join us as chaperones as we take our group of graduates on this field trip. Please sign the permission form so your graduate can participate and indicate if you would like to be a chaperone. Our graduates will also be getting an opportunity to experience a “Big School” lunch. We will be providing two choices for their lunch on Thursday and they get to choose which option they would like to eat! We want them to feel like big Kindergartners and have a positive fun experience. If you have any questions or concerns stop by the front desk and speak to Ms. Stacey or Ms. Ann.