We are very excited to announce that Ms. Stacey has been given the opportunity to attend a Touchpoints seminar through Smart Start of New Hanover County. “The Touchpoints Model builds supportive alliances between parents and professionals through which practitioners reach out and engage parents around important, predictable phases of their baby’s development. Touchpoints’ key strengths are its use of the child’s behavior as the language of communication with parents and its focus on developing practitioner-parent relationships. The model helps both parent and practitioner recognize, understand, and anticipate predictable developmental bursts, regressions, and pauses in the behavior of young children”. Ms. Stacey will be attending the seminar on April 10th, 11th, 17th and 18th. In her absence Ms. Ann and Ms. Kitty will be working the front desk. We will definitely compile and share information with our families and staff at the completion of the seminar.